Adobe Online Forms

Warning: You must use Adobe Reader to submit these forms. Your internet browser's built in PDF reader will not submit them correctly. This page from Adobe's site details how to set Adobe Reader as the default reader for most browsers.

Creating the form:

1)    Log into ACORN

2)    Cursor over the "Forms" Menu & select "Adobe Online Forms"

3)    This should take you to the page for creating your form

4)    Select the site this form will be used at (if you use sites)

5)    Select your Clinician ID (Admins may leave this blank with the "ALL" option)

6)    Enter Client ID (This can be input on the form if left blank)

7)    Select which form you want to use

8)    Hit Go

9)    This will create a PDF copy of the form that you can have your client fill out on a computer. Be sure to use Adobe Reader to open/submit this form! You should test this in advanced to make sure your submissions are working.

Viewing their submission:

1) Once the client submits the form, you can immediately see the form image on your computer.

2) Navigate to the "Forms Processed" page (in your "Home" menu) in the toolkit.

3) This will list all forms we have received from you. If they have submitted their form, it should show up here immediately. Find their submission and click on the "Form File" field to look how they filled out the form.

4) Be sure to look over their answers at each session for any unexpected indicators