Q: How much time does it take to complete an ACORN questionnaire?

A: Our Questionnaires are 19 items on average, which takes about two minutes to complete. We also have a texting option under the Mobile Forms page that allows a client to fill out the form at any point before the session. 


Q: How often can the ACORN questionnaire be administered and still detect change?

A: At every session. 


Q: What will the set-up process be like?

A: We're an online platform so you won't need to worry about downloading any software or setting up licenses. After you sign up, we'll send your staff a new user email with all of the information necessary to log in to the Toolkit. 


Q: Do you have a form for addiction recovery?

A: Yes. Our Recovery forms come in individual and group therapy versions.


Q: How do you measure outcomes in group therapy?

A: Let us know if you have groups at your agency. After the groups feature has been enabled for you, you will manage it under Admin>Organization Settings. 


Q: Can ACORN be used for Severely Mentally Ill (SMI) populations?

A: Yes. 

Q: What if a client transfers clinicians?

A: The Toolkit automatically tracks changes in the therapists. Anyone who has seen the patient at any time can track the outcome, but the Toolkit will display who the most recent clinician is. In the case of a clean transfer, this makes sense. 

Some are multidisciplinary, where a patient may see more than one provider (therapist & prescriber). In these cases, assigning the outcome to a particular clinician doesn't make much sense, as the case really belongs to the team.  So, depending on the nature of the clinic, the responsibility for the case may rest with a particular clinician, or really is seen as shared, team responsibility. 

Q: What can I do to Improve my Score?

A: Need some tips?