Paper Submission

The Fax Number is listed at the bottom of the forms: (800-961-1224)

Since these forms will need to be processed by our staff, they will take a bit longer than our online forms. Expect a 24-48 hour delay for processing.

Be sure to write cleanly and legibly to minimize errors.

Creating the form:

1)    Log into ACORN

2)    Cursor over the "Forms" Menu & select "Printable Forms"

3)    This should take you to the page for creating your form

4)    Select the site this form will be used at (if you use sites)

5)    Select your Clinician ID (Admins may leave this blank with the "ALL" option)

6)    Enter Client ID

7)    You can filter the forms by language

8)    Select which form you want to use

9)    Hit Generate Form

10)   Click on the blue link to pull up your form, then print our that form. 

print form.png