Using ACORN in the Treatment of Eating Disorders


In 2014, the leading outpatient eating disorder treatment center in New York City came to us with a request: they wanted to measure outcomes for their adult clients. What Columbus Park has done with feedback informed treatment since is one of the stand-out stories of ACORN implementation. To quote from Columbus Park:

"When we started tracking outcomes at Columbus Park, our effect size was in the .5 range. What we found—which is consistent with the literature—was that questionnaire completion by every patient at every session, coupled with weekly reviews by clinicians and adjustments to treatment as indicated, resulted in a dramatic improvement in our outcomes. It makes sense: measure patient symptoms at treatment onset and along the way and use the feedback to adjust treatment. With access to ongoing data, we can tweak treatment sooner and more effectively if/when someone is not responding."

The Columbus Park severity adjusted Effect Size for all 2016 patients January 1, 2016 through October 31, 2016 was high by any standard: .87. 

The most important question consumers should ask when seeking treatment for eating disorders:
What are your results and how do you measure them?
— Melissa Gerson LCSW, Founder and Clinical Director of Columbus Park

ACORN has recently developed a youth version of the Eating Disorder Questionnaire for Kartini Clinic in Portland, OR. Kartini Clinic which is dedicated exclusively to the treatment of eating disorders in children and young adults. Click on either of the following for more information.